Forensic Files

Responsible for Concept / Design / Motion

Personal Project

Software: After Effects


Deliverable Requests – Create one (1) finished motion test with the following tagline: “No witnesses, No leads, No problem”. Requested for a promotional trailer / 2:1 / 24 fps / 5 seconds

Concept – Forensic Files is an American documentary television program that reveals how forensic science is used to solve violent crimes, mysterious accidents, and outbreaks of illness.

Items to consider – Forensic Elements (DNA, Fingerprints) present, but not overwhelming; Depth/Blur; Interesting but simple type reveal

Tone/Mood/Style– Moody, Cinematic; Simple colors (Blues, Greens, Yellows); Digital, Tech-based feel;

Not related to any specific episode, but more to the idea of forensic science.


This project started by finding an interesting way to reveal the tagline through the use of a typewriter-style effect, complemented by interesting left to right camera movements.

I then built the frames and assets around the main words of the tagline.

Motion test for the tagline text reveal. A digital texture and a small amount of blur were added to the type to add visual interest.

Next, I designed the background and assets needed.

DNA elements, a fingerprint analysis, as well as chemical elements from the periodic table can be found throughout the composition.

Once the main typography and background were approved, I worked on creating a look for the overall sequence, making it feel like a cohesive piece.

The grade was achieved through the Lumetri effect in After Effects.



In this section, I focused on animating the background elements such as the fingerprint seen throughout the piece.

Next, I worked on the transitions by adding visually interesting forensic imagery and CRT textures.

Depth and parallax were created by placing the background and textures through Z space.

Watch the final sequence below!

The overall blur effect is driven through expressions on the focus distance and aperture of the camera.