Who took Charlie?

Responsible for Concept / Design / Motion

Personal Project

Software: After Effects


Deliverable Requests – Main Title Sequence, 4 x 5 seconds title cards (Greenhouse Presents, Frank Shaw, Angie Leblanc, Thomas Mills, Who took Charlie?) – 2:35:1 Aspect Ratio

Concept – A boy named Charlie disappeared in the forest. Authorities believe he was kidnapped. This limited series follow his last steps in hopes to find him, before it’s too late.

Items to consider – Dark Atmosphere, Forest elements, Picture of the boy, Negative space, Depth

Tone/Mood/Style– Moody, Cinematic, Cold tones (blues, greys)


Once the right assets were gathered, I started designing the frames one by one, keeping in mind how each scene works to tell a story.

Styleframe I – The first frame sets the tone for the rest of the sequence through the use of atmosphere and negative space.

Styleframe II – As we move through the sequence, the first talent (Frank Shaw) is presented on the foreground tree.

Moments later, the second name comes into focus, appearing through the background mist.

Styleframe III – This frame shows Charlies’ teddy bear on the ground, alongside the last actor of the sequence, Thomas Mills.

Styleframe IV – The sequence ends with the boy appearing through a layer of fog.

The shows main title is then revealed slowly one word at a time.


The motion for this sequence was kept simple. The camera moves continuously from left to right, as the last scene zooms in slowly to reveal the Main Title.

Watch the final sequence below!